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Cal Savers Retirement Savings Program

The State of California is phasing-in a mandated retirement savings plan for employees who otherwise would not have one through their private sector employers. It is the Cal Savers Retirement Savings Program. The phase-in has occurred based on employer size. In 2021, June 30th was the deadline for employers of 50 or more to set up their plan offer. In January 2022, the final phase of availability through employer payroll deduction occurs by those with five or more employees. But, Californians need not wait! Go to to learn more about the program.  The website explains that it is a secure portal for individuals to sign up for making direct contributions as well.  If you’re self-employed or don’t work for an employer registered with CalSavers, you can now contribute directly. It is managed by the CalSavers Retirement Board and overseen day-to-day by Ascensus College Savings Recordkeeping Services, LLC, or ACSR.  Cal Savers provides Individual Retirement Account saving
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IRS2Go App -- by Internal Revenue Service

The IRS has joined the ranks of  Twitter, and You Tube with a utilitarian smart phone app intended to ease communications and interactions for Taxpayers. It's their new application IRS2Go . Introduced in the Fall of 2020, it features a Stay Connected section that enables you to tailor your connectivity and subscriptions. The section to Subscribe to Tax Tips is especially helpful for staying informed throughout the year.   It's also designed to help citizens file taxes by easing complications. Check out the section with Free Tax Help. It's offered just in time to prepare for 2020 taxes. There's a section for making payments and for checking your refund status.     Have you ever waited an extremely long time to speak by phone with an employee of the IRS? Try connecting with the new app, IRS2Go.  #IRSTaxTip : free IRS2Go app puts information at taxpayers' fingertips